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Arrow Coalescing Filters

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A coalescing filter functions in a different way from a standard particulate filter. Air flows from inside to outside through a coalescing media. Coalescing, by definition, means "To come together". It is a continuous process by which small aerosols come in contact with the fibers in the filter media, uniting with the collected aerosols and growing to emerge as a droplet on the downstream surface of the media which by its weight is gravitationally drained away. For maximum performance and efficiency, coalescing filters should be preceded by and F3 particulate filter.

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F552W 0.03 µm 1/4 in 24 7-5/8 in 2-3/4 in 1.7 lb
F553W 0.03 µm 3/8 in 37 7-5/8 in 2-3/4 in 1.7 lb
F554W 0.03 µm 1/2 in 37 7-5/8 in 2-3/4 in 1.7 lb
F576W 0.03 µm 3/4 in 60 8-1/4 in 3-3/4 in 2.7 lb
F578W 0.03 µm 1 in 65 8-1/4 in 3-3/4 in 2.7 lb
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1